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Offer Special Needs Adults Work Experience

We work closely with the charity group, SFS Adults (Special Families Support), to provide special needs individuals with work experiences. If your organisation would like to offer this opportunity and wish to receive guidance on how to host this, please use this form to book a consultation with one of the SFS coordinators who will help you set this up.

Offer Special Needs Adults a Job

Creating a welcoming and inclusive space for neurodivergent individuals can be the key to establishing a supportive and positive work culture. Not only does this strategy help build more unity and cohesiveness within the team, but it also leads to overall success and prosperity. Valuing diversity within a workspace provides enrichment and empowerment to both organisation and its members. We partner with SFS Adults (Special Families Support) to provide you with the right candidates to fit your organisational requirements. Contact us now for an appointment to explore this opportunity further.

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The Labour Up initiative provides a One Heart foundation to address economic inequality. By providing career and development opportunity to poorer and more marginalised communities, the inclusive programme seeks to provide the loving building blocks to lift human productivity for a stronger, more cohesive economy.

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