Empower people with special needs through volunteer & work opportunities

OneHeartBahrain Inclusion Champion, Rhea, talks about what it is like to work

OneHeartBahrain is dedicated to supporting the progress of individuals with special needs. Since our inception, these remarkable adults and children have been active members of our volunteer community, contributing significantly to our goodwill efforts. They’ve created beautiful arts and crafts for charity, learned about environmental care during our Community Blooms event, and volunteered alongside us in food distributions.

Nurturing nature, a young Community Blooms champion admiring a baby plant gifted to him to take care of

OneHeartBahrain is keen to build a more inclusive community where everyone has a chance to thrive. We achieve this by acting as a bridge between the special needs community and potential organisation partners. We facilitate volunteering campaigns to allow individuals with special needs to contribute their unique talents and enrich our community.

Partnering in our Goodwill Campaigns

Collaborating with OneHeartBahrain on goodwill campaigns offers the opportunity for organisations to not only contribute towards their CSR through enhancing social impact, promoting inclusion and embracing new perspectives. They can also meaningfully assist the special needs community in gaining important life skills that prepare them for enhanced social and potential workplace integration. By partnering in our goodwill campaigns organisations support learning and growth for special needs members in the following areas:

  • Develop Life & Workplace Skills: Volunteering experiences provide a platform for individuals with special needs to hone essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, preparing them for future opportunities.
  • Boost Confidence and Self-Expression: Participating in goodwill campaigns empowers individuals with special needs, fostering confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and a platform for creative expression. This contributes to greater social integration and fulfillment.
  • Expand Social Networks: Goodwill campaigns offer a safe and encouraging space for individuals with special needs to connect with others, fostering a sense of belonging and building valuable social connections.

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Looking to Extend Your Impact?

Offer work experiences to special adults

While OneHeartBahrain focuses on goodwill campaigns, we understand companies may also be interested in offering work experience opportunities to the special needs community. Aligned in our mission of inclusion, we partner with Anandi’s Special Heroes, a Special Adults group who champion life & work skills opportunities for their members.

To provide workplace experiences for special adults please register your interest using this form.