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Designing Unity, one heart at a time

One Life. One Love. One People.
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Welcome to OneHeartBahrain

 We are a goodwill movement that promotes Unity between all people, with the aim of increasing social cohesion to enable a thriving socio-economic climate. By doing good for a selfless cause we create greater heart connection between each other, which helps us function as One Human Family.

When we come together as One we can create greater networks towards improvement of life here on this planet. We welcome members from all backgrounds to join us in our goodwill work, also known as Love in Action. 

The more we function as a united community, the greater the strength and coherence of our network. Why is this important? Because many problems we face as a human population cannot be solved in isolation but require a collective approach. Therefore it is important that we overcome our differences and see what we all have in common – our shared humanity for starters – so that we can solve problems together and work on a collective solution.

At OneHeartBahrain we seek to put unity into practice by encouraging members of the public and partners from corporate, public and third sector to join our goodwill activities, all coming together as One. In doing so, we wish to lay the foundations for a Goodwill Economy that promotes the strengthening of the socio-economic fabric by enabling better social functioning.

Do good with us!

Doing good is a way of life. Here is how you can get involved with our One Heart family.

1. Volunteer

We invite volunteers from all backgrounds to join us in our goodwill activities. To sign up fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

2. Donate

We provide food support to labour camps in need. Please get in touch with us if you wish to donate warm meals or food rations to help labourers in financial difficulty.

3. Collaborate

To be One Human Family means to include everyone! We invite other communities, organisations and charities to collaborate with us, so that we form one United Network for Good. If your organisation or group would like to partner on a project with us, please get in touch. We love doing good together.

What we do

OneHeartBahrain provides a Social Safety Net for People in Need – with our main focus on supporting the labour community. We also provide social referral to individuals and families in need by understanding the challenges they face and then putting them in touch with other charitable organisations who can help them further.

We give aid to labour camps that for one reason or another are experiencing salary delays and have no income to purchase food. These camps often consist of large numbers of people and as such require a wider-scale solution.

There are many communities and individuals in Bahrain, who once they are aware that there is a group of people suffering, they wish to offer their  help. When more people come together to give their support, we are then able to meet the demand that looking after large numbers of people requires. 

Hence in addition to providing food ourselves we also facilitate arrangements on behalf of other communities or donors who would like to make a contribution. This creates an ecosystem of support where more charity is able to reach these people.  

Collaborations for Peace

See below a selection of partners who have done good with us.

When we come together in Goodwill for a greater cause beyond merely satisfying our own personal interests, is when we start to look like One Human Family. To this end, OneHeartBahrain puts collaboration and inclusion at the top of its list of priorities.

Peace requires us to overcome division and separation and explore how we can come together in unity. Doing good together, whether it is members of the public, minority groups, organisations or other communities joining us in the spirit of goodwill. It all comes down to the same objective: Cooperation towards Unity.

At every opportunity, we must think about incorporating collaboration so that we function as one, for the greater good of humanity and our shared existence here on this planet.

There is no limit to our inclusion. We are always open to increasing the size of our One Heart family.

Social Partnerships towards a Goodwill Economy