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Creating unity, one heart at a time

One Life. One Love. One People.
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Welcome to OneHeartBahrain

OneHeartBahrain aims to promote unity and increase social cohesion to create a thriving socio-economic climate. Our Love in Action movement welcomes members from all backgrounds to do good collectively. We encourage the public and partners from various sectors to join our activities in creating a Goodwill Economy that strengthens the socio-economic fabric.

What we do

We pride ourselves on our commitment to giving back to life in Bahrain. One of the ways we do this is through seasonal goodwill campaigns. However, our work goes beyond these events. We strive to support those who are less fortunate and marginalised by creating opportunities for their Career Development.

We believe that by nurturing growth in the labour market from the bottom-up, we can strengthen the economy and create a more prosperous society. Our goal is to provide individuals with the tools they need to succeed and to help them reach their full potential. Through our efforts, we hope to make a meaningful impact and create a brighter future for all in Bahrain.

Helping people into jobs

Free support for Job Seekers & Employers